Downton Abbey

Who doesn't like Downton Abbey?
Well I love it, and most of all I love the Dowager Countess.
 This photo is all over facebook and I just have to share it with you.
I signed up for "Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt Along" which started in November 2013,
had no chance to start mine until late February, having a guest in the house for two months, no time for sewing.

I love the quote from the Dowager Countess, when Cora's mother was visiting from USA (Shirley  MacLaine).:
"No guest should be admitted without the date of their departure being known".

There are so many brilliant quotes from her, like:
"Parenting is difficult even when you like the child".

"I am a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose".

"Of course it would be a foreigner. No Englishman 
would dream of dying in someone else's house".

These are just a few I could think of for now.

This is the fabric for the DA quilt.

and some of my blocks.

Oh yes one more quote:
"I was right about my maid. She's leaving - to get married!!!
How could she be so selfish?"

Well that is all for today.

Enjoy life, it is so beautiful.



Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the smile! I love Downton too :)

Aunt 'Reen said...

I love your fabric choices and those blocks are very beautiful!
(I too am a fan of Downton Abbey)

Esther Aliu said...

Hi Paula, this made me laugh as I really don't want anyone to know just how much there really is...including my DH :)

Karen said...

Love the quotes! And, such a pretty start to your DA quilt.

Lin said...

Maggie Smith has long been my favourite actress (after Katherine Hepburn but then she is no longer around to compete) and I will watch anything she is in. The part she plays in Downton is superb. Love your fabric collection for the DA quilt. xx