Kaffe Fassett workshop last weekend in Luxembourg.
It was very interesting and lot of fun.

The photo is of the workshop's project
called "Sunlight in the forest" designed by Kaffe Fassett, 
and of course his fabrics.
It is in the book "Quilts  in Sweden".

Never a dull moment, every minute used. 
Waiting for everyone to arrive.

After the class he signed books.

You can hear him criticize my work.

Until next time,
Happy quilting



Karen said...

Did you bring your knitting? I see someone found a little time for it! LOL. LOVE your quilt and lots of positive feedback.

tiny said...

Your quilt is beautiful!!! and he is not critical but allowing you color use.!!

Jen said...

HI! Paula, that was very interesting how he described the design of your beautiful quilt.
What a great workshop to attend.

Anonymous said...

that's unreal, you contacted me once via gmail about the patchwork festival in Wilwerwiltz and now I realize I was next to you in the workshop and didn't know who you are

mine is the softy orange / blue / yellow one on the right

by the way, the festivl begins next thirsday, you can contact me just in case you need more info

Glenda said...

Hi Paula you quilt is stunning I love love love it, you certainly threw in all the fab colours that Fassett loves. I did a week-end work shop 30 years ago with my home spun and dyed Knitting yarns in NZ with him and he just blew my mind wide open about putting colours together randomly (and it looks like this workshop was the same) and it has always stayed with me. a great great artist. Cheers Glenda. PS I hope you show us this quilt again soon.

Angie in SoCal said...

I loved your quilt when you first showed it and now I know why as explained by Kaffe. Thanks so much for this learning moment.