Class in Iceland

Some days ago I took a class in Iceland with Guðrún Erla.  I was lucky, she offered one class in Reykjavík and I arrived that same day at 1600 hours and the class began at 1800 hours, I just made it.

My first three blocks

I really enjoyed that class, which was called "Destination unknown trip". 
We didn't know what pattern we were making, 
we only got one step at a time.
 I had never done this before, it was fun.

At the end she showed us what we were doing.

Guðrún Erla is Icelandic designer living in Minnesota. 
Take a look at her website and see her beautiful pattern and fabric. 
She also has blog.

Here are two more tops with the same pattern, 
beautiful aren't they?

Happy stitching



Deborah said...

A great block - one I really want to try. Does it have a name? Thank you for sharing.

Jeanette said...

I love you blocks. I'm curious too about it's name. Happy Stitching,

tiny said...

Beautifull blocks you make.

Karen said...

I do love that pattern!!!!

Unknown said...

lovely blocks. hugs