Mariner's Compass

Some years ago I learned how to draw Mariner's Compass at the QU.
The other day I used the drawings and made these four 12" circles.
It was fun - paper pieced -  I do like paper piecing.
I will have to do some more or I can use this as four corners for a big middlepiece.

Block #7 was my sixth block for my CWB Quilt

Here they are - all six of them together.

I also finished E-5 for DJ
you can have a look at my Dear Jane blog

Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by.



Karen said...

I like the Mariner's Compass blocks, pretty fabric and your CWB block 7 is lovely. Look how nice they all look together. I really need to get back to mine.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your Mariner's Compass blocks are terrific.
I really do LOVE how your CWB block turned out - stunning as usual! Wow - you've been so busy while I've been away on vacation.
All of your Jane blocks look great too!