This is my first  Hexagon ever, - I made it yesterday and it will not be my last.

Last year I bought this plastic pattern from Clove, it is 1 3/4"
and it is so easy to use.
- But the content of the bag was only 30 pieces and that is not nearly enough,
- I should have bought more than one bag.  
Well,  if I ever come across this pattern again I will buy some more.
I might join a Hexagon club and make one flower a week. - I think about it.

That is all for now

Happy stitching


Rose Marie said...

These hexies are fun to make and they use up scraps, too. If you can't find more of those plastic templates, you can make your own out of cardboard or plastic sheets.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula
I'm from Luxemburg too and just to let you know, you can buy these hexie templates this coming weekend at the quiltfestival in Wilwerwiltz
Masako from Crib quilt is selling them at her booth
By the way, did you create a tree quilt for the contest?
Have nice day and in case of question you can contact me